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blazerelmyn (profile) wrote,
on 11-24-2006 at 4:21am
Current mood: amused
Music: Swingin' Doors - Martina McBride
Subject: I've come to realize, that your promises are lies, to buy you time when you wanna get away..
So, today, or technically yesterday, now, was Thanksgiving. All day long, Kyle threw temperfits, because apparently that's the thing to do day in and day out. Over stupid things, at that. Like someone touching an object that is in no way related to him. He's two. I digress.

I basically passed out after dinner, around 7-8ish, after talking to Dustin. I woke up around three, and here I am.

Aside the typical Thanksgiving festivities, I hit 39 on Melidias this morning, and then spent the rest of the afternoon (Up until dinner.) running my mom and Scott through their elite quests and VC. Wasn't hard, and I've decided they're two of the most competant people I've ever had to help on WoW. I dunno if that's because they were sitting two feet from me or not. Later on, I hung out on Val for a little bit (Partially with Mav, strangely enough), and talked to Rob. S'about as eventful as my night/day has been.

I head back the fourth. Still no clue when Dustin will be home. I miss the flamer. :/
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