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chaosdecrepit (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-2006 at 2:21am
Current mood: bitter/anti-social
Music: N/A
Subject: i need a home for my hands and head
I just walked Nikolai part-way home... I hope he doesn't fall asleep on the way... The poor little guy was so tired.

Other than that, I am so sick of people.
And half the time the state of the world makes me want to cry.

I'm sick of being a figurehead for some guy and I'm sick of not being cared about. I've been treated like a joke, I have. Someone is going to get a hell of a lot of backlash for it.

All it does is make me more bitter and jaded and it becomes harder for me to put my trust in people... And really, do I need to get any worse with those things?


I was never really taught right from wrong and when I was in high school I always had somene to look out for me. Here it's different. I've gotten myself into a "how many stupid things can I do, how far can I go before someone stops me?" mindset.

Trust me,

there is no one here to stop me.
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