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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-2006 at 3:39pm
Music: Hints, Allegations, and other things left unsaid
Subject: Go man go!
Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone. I hope yours was fun and enjoyable.
I had a good time as well, our standard thanksgiving, except heather tagged along this time. I fell asleep which is a first for me, I don't typically have that happen after meals, but I blame the fact I'm trying desperately to keep this cold away that david could possibly have given me, so I guess my body just decided to shut down to be safe.
Friday I went to see Happy Feet, and there could be a giant bitching about that, and what it meant to me, but I'll spare you. We'll just say I wasn't impressed. What bothered me is on the ride home, I said that I didn't enjoy the movie, and my dad said, "Well, just remember when you were little, we went to see a bunch of movies that I sure as hell didn't want to see." I asked which means and the first one was KaZaam or that crappy one shaq was in. I laughed, because that was really a bad call, but then he started listing off other movies that we both had seen and that I thought he wanted to see too. It kinda stung, because when we hung out when I was younger, I wanted both of us to have a good time, and that was and IS still important to me. I understand the why, but...meh, I'll drop it.
As of late I keep getting ideas to go down a career with gaming, but I really don't see how any of that could ever work. The due date for classes next semester is tomorrow, and I still haven't actually picked anything, because I don't know what the fuck to do. I need to pick a major and minor soon or some such bullshit, but I'm still clueless. All I've done is narrow shit down, but its not even to the point where it is overly helpful. I guess I'll just do another semester of whatever the fuck isn't taken with a few things that interest me.
I've discovered that I'm very boring and have little to talk about today, so I'll bid you all farewell.
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