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blazerelmyn (profile) wrote,
on 11-27-2006 at 4:52am
Current mood: awake
Music: What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts
Subject: And not seein' that lovin' you, is what I was tryin' to do..
So, I am apparently going home this Tuesday (Which is technically tomorrow, now.) instead of next week, because it'll be easier for my grandmother to make a single trip instead of..several. She has to go to Virginia Wednesday, and it would be easier for her to just take me back to Parma now, instead of coming back to NC, then making an eight hour trip right after making the one from Virginia to here. I'm okay with it. The grandfather and the mom are not. Not a lot I can do about it, though.

Last night was an interesting one, to say the least. Angelo and I got into it for the umpteenth time, at first over meaningless things. It progressed, though, when he'd found out that Bizz had made a comment on an entry he'd written specifically to me from my journal. Bizz had logged on to my journal to read a community post. I didn't know he'd left a comment on Angelo's journal until..after it happened? Needless to say, I was held responsible for it, and accused of being a "deceptive bitch", and all sorts of things like that. It progressed into him throwing some pretty stupid threats at me. Ones I was able to brush off, but, Bizz couldn't. They bothered him a lot, and didn't bother me, and differences clashed. Me 'not seeing' that it bothered him upset him even more, and we got into it a bit. The end result, both from my bit with Dustin and my argument with Angelo, is that I've made both of their lives simpler and blocked Angelo on AIM, banned him from Livejournal (Including my own LJ names, as I know how much he likes to get on those to get into contact with me.), and as I learned when I woke up, forgot to block him on MSN. That's been fixed as of two lines ago.

In the end, I guess I'm just hoping shit can be resolved on its own now. It's become that Angelo's tirades don't effect me all that much, but if they're enough to drive a wedge between Dustin and I, I'll make that move to keep it from happening anymore. Whatever it takes to get rid of said wedge. Whatever it takes.

Though, I will leave you a parting note, Ang. While I -highly- doubt the person you saw was Bizz, he is allowed to go on Maelstrom whenever he wishes. You don't own the realm, and you -really- don't need to come to me and ask me "why the fuck" he is on a realm. I don't really know. Or care.

My sleep schedule's fucked in a big way. I'm falling asleep around 8-9 and getting up before -anyone- in the house is. Hopefully I can fix it, and soon. I have -got- to find a job when I get back. Rob and I discussed searching for a job that doesn't suck when he has a day off, maybe. I dunno. I'll hit him up sooner or later.

Wow. I talk to Rob a lot these days. O.o

Anyway. Bizz might be heading home today, or maybe Wednesday. He's not sure yet. I still say he should come get his meaningless gift. ;D
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