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xvivaxlabamxfanx (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2006 at 1:19pm
Current mood: tired
Music: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Subject: ..don't you fake it..
more taken into myself.. and my stomach aches are even coming back too. I hated this feeling then.. and I hate it even more now. I was hungry yesterday until I sat down at the table with my food. Then I felt sick. Just like when I was a freshman. If I didn't want mac and cheese so bad, I wouldn't have eaten. Tiffy came over yesterday and I had soooo much fun. I wish I could have that much fun everyday. We made pretty things and now I have lotsa bracelets. One says "FUCK" haha. <3 I work tonight 'till 10:30.. that's uaually when I try to go to bed.. so I'm going to be a zombie tomorrow, just like today.. JUST LIKE 9TH GRADE. But back then, I didn't go to bed everynight 'till like.. 3am. I hope I don't turn into that again.

Music has been fucking boring me lately. I need something WAY heavier than The Pink Spiders right now.. I want the 18 Visions CDs that I don't have (I only have Obsession, if someone wants to buy one of the others for me for xmas). And if you know any heavy bands that don't scream every line in every song, burn me a cd or something? I want something to sing to, but the shit I have is too fucking slow. Some indy-goth music would be nice. I don't know.. something more than pop-punk. I'm so BORED with everything.

I want to buy a screenprinting kit. Then I can make my own shirts. That would be nice. And I'm going to buy beads too, then I can make bracelets for Tiffy and pay her back for all the beads I took.. specially the "E"s. Hahaa


*yawn* I don't want to go to work today.. I want to go home.. get in my bed.. and not wake up until tomorrow.

"Well I'll tell you my friend, one day this world's going to end"
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