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shroudofrain (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2006 at 10:58am
Subject: A failed experiament:
I took it upon myself to test if there were actually people other than me that were willing to fight this present darkness and actually take a stand in society to say, "Yeah, I am a warrior of God and I will fight against anything that stands in between me and my fellowship with the Lord." I guess I was wrong. Yes, it may seem like a minute test with not that great of a formulated conclution based on the only evidence I obtained in a small amout of time... but I mean serisoulsly, what do people usually do on Myspace? They look at their profile constantly, they look at other's profiles constantly, they read the bullitents people foolishly put up, and they think of how to optimize the look of their Myspace. That's about the extent of time spent on that sight... and yet all the people that accepted my invite into the CHQ community only looked at the bullitens and topics I posted up once, if that, when they could easily be more involved due to the lack of productivity on I don't know what to do anymore.
I'll pray for all of you, and my everyone be blessed by God himself. Take care all of you.

Patrick Ryan Kolstee / Vincent Peter Benidict
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