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xvivaxlabamxfanx (profile) wrote,
on 12-2-2006 at 2:37pm
Current mood: thirsty
So are you cunning now?

So wow.. this week had WAY too many ups and downs.
I hung out with Tiff and we make pretty thingys.
I got pissed at my asst. manager before I even started my shift the one day, I went out to the car and thought about just going home.. but I need the money.
The I hung out with Eric.. he set is car on fire.. lmfao. AND THEN he locked his fucking keys in the car.. WITH IT RUNNING! Then I saw Tiff at her work.
Yesterday.. I went to get my check, and go cash it.. and the fucking bank won't cash my check because I'm 18. The account type I have supposedly won't allow me to cash a check until my mom comes in a takes her name off of my account. EVEN THOUGH I cashed a check last week.. while I was 18. Then I called Eric to see if he could get some money for me.. and he took forever to get it up to me.. I thought he was never coming.
And at one point during my BORINGASS shift..(I seriously wanted to go home from bordom).. I saw this kid in my work.. leather jacket, short black hair, OVERLY tight spandex jeans.. I ran up to Ann and was like "OH MY GOD, That kid back there, see him?, he looks JUST like the lead singer of the Pink Spiders.. put him in a pink and black striped shirt and that's so him. But he looks too young to be him.. I dunno. I doubt it's him.. he said they never even heard of this mall since their from like, Tennessee."
So I got over it after he left.. and then.. I see another person come in. This black glasses.. and not the most attractive kid on the block. I stared at him.. with that "I think I know you" look. He caught my eye and was like "Where's your country section?" I point to the last isle and say "Right over there" and I turn to Pete and I'm like "That looks like the drummer from the pink spiders.. what the fuck. He's got the glasses..." so I convince him to walk over to him and ask.. but as Pete's walking towards him, he leaves. So I run to the punk section and grab the Teenage Graffiti cd and show Pete the picture. I point to the drummer "That's who was just in our store.. and *points to Matt* that was the other one that was in here earlier.. it HAS to be them.."
I ran to the back to get my digital camera from my bag. Then there were some girls in line buying Teenage Graffiti, and went up to them "Is that REALLY them?" and all of the girls are like "YEAH!! Do you have a sharpie?" and I was like "All we have here are regular pens.. sorry.." And I was talking to the one girl who wasn't in line.. and I told her that she should try and find them and tell them to come in here again. So she leaves, and then a little later I see them all walk by and look in, and I'm just staring at them.. I turn around to make it look like I'm doing work and I turn back around and they're walking in. Matt went over to look at a DVD rack and I walk towards him.. I say "Excuse me.. Pink Spiders?" and his eyes just light up. I go "Hi! I'm Stefani, we met in October but I doubt you remember.. it was a the Good Charlotte show.." and I explained how only my picture with Jon turned out and asked if I could get one with him.. we took three 'cause Pete didn't know how to take pictures and Matt was like "We'll keep taking it until it's right!"
I tried to get Matt to remeber who I was.. I told him how in October, I bought their CD from him and he taught me how to open it, and I was like "Jeeze, I work in a music store too and you taught me how to open a cd. Yeah, do you guys know the Concord Mall in Delaware?" and he's all "We don't know anything around here..hah" and I was like "Oh.. 'cause I was going to say.. you guys should come visit me there *nudges his arm* I work at FYE" (NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN). He was like "That was a while ago wasn't it?" and I said "Yeah, October 20th.. I had red hair then.." he goes "Ohh.." and then I said "Yeah.. I was making fun of your merch guy for looking like the singer from Fall Out Boy.. and he had never heard of Fall Out Boy.." and he gave me one of those "That sounds familiar.. but I've seen so many fans since then.." kind of looks. I said "That's allright, don't hurt yourself. Thanks sooo much for the picture and it was great seeing you guys again" then my asst Manager was all "GET BACK TO WORK" and I said "I AM" (with emphasis, and little loud 'cause the girls staking the Pink Spiders were talking loudly). He comes up to me and was like "I don't want that snotty ass attitude, I tell you to do something, I want you to do it. Next time you do something like that, I'm writing you up." Yeah, next time. That's why he wrote me up for that time, because I supposedly yelled at him. Wtf.
I was too shy to go over and talk to the other guys.. I don't know why.. probably because it wasn't in a normal "where you meet bands" setting (aka, their shows). Now at the show, I left the line to buy GC merch to go meet them. But here, I was just walking around and was even too shy to ask if they wanted help. >.<

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