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dakishime (profile) wrote,
on 12-7-2006 at 8:18pm
Music: ayumi hamasaki_jewel
Subject: 2 posts in 2 days ? wtf.

1. Do you pronounce the 'l' in salmon?: no. i knew this one kid who's brother's name was salmon. and HE pronounced the 'l'. ;)

2. When was the last time you went to a bookstore?: a month ago ? my mom disapproves of reading at borders.

3. Have you ever prank called a restaurant?: no, but we pretended to call someone and order pizza. even though they weren't pizza. .people.

4. How did you meet most of your friends?: school. . yeah. school.

5. Do you find ancient mythology interesting?: that has to do with greeks. right ? i have 3 moles on my face that look like orion's belt. fascinating.

6. What snacks do you usually buy when you go to the movies?: if i get lucky popcorn that i eventually have to share and finish before the movie starts.

7. Do you prefer British spelling or American?: american. because i am american. so yeah.

8. Have you ever gone sailing?: cruise will count yes .. ?

9. Have you ever gotten heat exhaustion?: no. i steer away from heat waves.

10. Do you still live in your childhood home?: no.

11. How much is too much to pay for a concert ticket?: it was in china currency. so i wouldn't know. . around $70 +

12. What was the greatest prank you've ever pulled?: they all suck. let's not come back to this.

13. Do you pride yourself on being intelligent?: though my academic grades aren't worth boasting about i consider myself pretty knowledgable. so, yeah.

14. Is that pride justified?: to the extreme.

15. If you controlled pop culture, what trend would you change (or introduce)?: HOODIES GALORE. no more stupid ' define girlfriend ' or ' cock-to-do-with-anything ' tees. the end of guitar craze.

16. Have you ever taken a survey twice by accident?: no.

17. What was the last movie you went to see? i haven't been to the movies in forever. . pirates in the carribbean 2

18. Have you ever gotten stuck on an amusement park ride?: no. but a sky lift.

19. Do you have a weak stomach?: no

20. Do you get annoyed when you don't receive any comments on your myspace for a while?: hah. i have no myspace.

21. How often do you floss?: floss is that stringy thing right. ?

22. What was the worst trouble you've ever gotten into?: nothing that takes me out of my comfort zone.

23. Would you ever consider becoming a cop?: NO

24. If stupidity were a fatal disease, who do you think would be the first to die?: about 3/4 of the whole school population. administration first. narrowing down to probably. . galen.

25. Are you and your friends loud and obnoxious in public areas?: i wish not to remember. but usually not. maybe around certain people.

26. How often do you take and fill out surveys from this community?: community ?

27. Are you a big New York Yankees fan? nope.

28. Do you own a thesaurus?: no. no i don't.

29. When was the last time you visited relatives?: i VISIT every saturday.

30. When was the last time you ate meat?: yesterday. . i haven't eaten meat for a whole day. . i think. no. i ate a bagel dog. this afternoon. XD

31. What magazines do you read, if any?: my mom disapproves of magasines.

32. What's one thing you get uptight about?: annoying people. stupid people. people you can't shut up and turn around. people who ask too many questions. tiffany.

33. What sport are you best at?: i'm not sports 'orientated'.

34. Ever eaten one of those Warheads candies?: yeah.

35. Do you prefer Tootsie Pops or Blow Pops?: tootsie pops

36. Do you ever correct grammatical and typographical errors on survey questions?: when i say them. .maybe.

37. How did you get your most recent injury?: i bump into things everyday. it's impossible to remember.

38. What's the most awkward question you've ever been asked?: i don't know. but the stupidest one would be "why does your mom have different last names than you?"

39. Do you own anything from IKEA?: yeah. furniture to bedsheets to meatballs.

40. What was the stupidest horror movie you've ever seen?: i hate horror movies.

41. What about the stupidest comedy?: they are all pretty stupid.

42. Have you ever snuck into a movie?: yeah

43. True or false- There's no place like home: false.

44. The creepiest place you can think of: anywhere where it's dark, smelly, unfamiliar, and a man following you.

45. Have you ever seen an albino animal?: they have albino animals ?

46. Do you think they have chatspeak in Chinese?: it took me awhile to capture this. . but they have simplified chinese ?

47. What color is your front door?: kinda white, purplish, dirty more than anything.

48. Were you afraid of old people as a child?: no.

49. Have you ever been visited by a Jehovah's Witness?: who are they ?

50. Have you ever tried summoning Bloody Mary?: we've tried.
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