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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2006 at 1:58am
I used to be so good at giving advice. back when things were simple and everyone knew everything about everybody else. Now i feel stupid and mute. Or unexperienced, whichever you prefer. And it's not really a bad thing. I just wish i could do more for some of my friends. Wish i knew how to slowly dissemble walls I could once jump over. But college is different. Even the closest friends sitll have a few walls...because college is a NEW place where you can hide away all your secrets if you want to, behind an indestructable wall. It's difficult when you know a friend is hurting, is sad, and there's not much you can do, because you don't know WHAT to do.

Yeah I'm rambling.....but i hate feeling helpless. I used to be so good at this...and now i feel like i'm floundering when i could be helping.

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