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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2006 at 1:12am
Yep definitely missing mqt like crazy. It actually amazes me how much i miss that place. I find myself craving it. Not that it's not good to be home for a little while. I've gotten to see Brett a whole bunch, and my sister and mom and brother and cats....and friends-wise has been alright. The friends thing blows my mind, because I'm a little apathetic to the whole thing. I don't really have any feeling towards anyone...except maybe kelly and marie. Does that make me horrible?? I honestly don't think so. In the past two years, the only relaly close friends who have been there when i really truly needed them were kel and marie a bit. Everyone else was too busy with their lives....even though I've put my day on hold for them before. One-sided friendships suck....and I'm over them. I'd rather spend time with friends who love me as much as i love them. :-)

Work is GREAT! I do NOTHING! Today i NAPPED and spent 2 hours making foam penguins with my sister....and i'm getting PAID for it! hahaha....yeah i do a good portion of sorting/organizing/numbering/etc, but this is AWESOME! <3

I didn't go out at all far i've been trying to go out each night and see friends or do something. I got to see tricia alreadY!!! and meet her and eric's close friend durkin (i think his real name is chris...durkin is his last name), which ROCKED....durkin was awesome...his sense of humor totally matched up with me...which makes sense considering our mutual friends. :-) and i got to see allix and marie last night whcih wasn't too bad. we went out to steak n shake and just chilled and talked. and the general consensus is that everyone is happy, which is GOOD! :-D

I should be sleeping right now. I have to get up early......but i'm restless....i miss *home* and I hate being so far away from everyone/everything/everylove. but it is a sweet comfort to have mav sleeping next to me right now. I don't like the trucks speeding past my window. It bothers me...and means my music has to be up louder so i can at least FAINTLY hear it as i fall into slumber.

I love strikes me every time it falls and affects me in the greatest of ways. Right now, however, i'd give anything for it to change to snow. :-(

This entry's kinda random...but alas, at this early thoughts don't really take on a coherent line.

17 days till i go back. That doesn't seem like alot....but at the same time, it's eternity. I have plenty to occupy my time though. Work, christmas party, christmas, wedding, new years, dinner/movie with trish and kel and maybe brooke, and hopefuly more lol. Plus i've got two more books to finish :-) so it won't be bad.

alright...need sleep....sweetest of dreams.
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