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dimthesun (profile) wrote,
on 12-24-2006 at 12:44am
Current mood: Jolly
Music: All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mcr
Subject: Mrry X-mussss 2 da grlz n boiz!
Dis iz uh big shout ouut to dah grlz an boiiis uv dah wurld!
Dunt read if u dnt beleav in x-mus k?

Soo i wuz liek spinin around in mah comp chair n wonderin why da hell derr wus no snowflkes on dah ground.
Global Warming suckz.
I blame it on da punkz.
If dey were’nt alwayz smokin an trowin dere cigs on dah flore, da polarr ice capz wudnt be meltiiiing! Obvi-usly.


I wnna HOLLA at mah homegurl Sidnay, imma say one ting!
grl pwerrr sukssss
boiii pwr = luvvvly!
[shez a bit jealus cuz i usallay mntion Jack]

Oh and btw
I decided dat since nobuhdy seems 2 b in da x-mus spirit anymore
Imma goin 2 b a good person an sing my jams [carols LOL] everywherr i go!!
Jus by lookin @ my amazingg style,
Da people will b all liek “yo man dat gurls got come kwl vox...i luv x-mus!”

And now i gotz 2 go ttyl homies!

Peace & merry x-mus eve
& happy hanukkah

-AlExIs “BrOuGh SeXy BaCk” ReCkLeSs ‘muahh’
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