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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 12-24-2006 at 10:00pm
YAY! Christmas is TOMORROW!!! :-D I'm not really looking forward to dealing with my family.....but i LOVE christmas!!!! The decorations and smells and sounds are SOOO great! <3 <3 <3

all my christmas shopping AND wrapping is done! Finished wrapping the last of the gifts today which is a LITTLE last minute....but oh well...i got it done hey. And....i splurged on myself this year a LITTLE a HOT new lingerie set from Victoria's Secret (and some new cute undies :-D), a new shirt, pair of jeans, and a book. maybe i splurged MORE than a little....but i hardly ever buy anything for this year i decided i'd treat myself to some stuff as i shopped for everyone else :-).

Chef opened a new restaurant!!!! :-) Me, Marie, and Jill went out there (crystal lake) and ate last was SOOOO good to see him!!! I'm a little disappointed in the's WAY small...probably only 10 or 15 tables. But his food was still AMAZING. And we got to talk to him for awhile too which was great. Hugs all around and catching up on all our lives. :-)

:-) On a semi-related note, I've still talked to eric every day since i've been home. Talked to him last night and i was absolutely gushing about chef's (we'd just gotten out of there like 15 minutes before he called) and he actually said he'd have to go out and try it. I love that he's been callin every day, but I don't think it's anything big yet. It's awesome talkin to him though....makes me miss marquette a little less and i always end up laughing. Between talkin to him, tricia, and brooke, i miss marquette a TINY bit less. :-P

I think i'm actually gonna be able to buy both the ipod i want and the snowboard right after christmas. ALL i asked for from my relatives was money to buy both of those.....and i've already gotten $100 from my aunt....there's still my grandma, sister, two brothers, and uncle. :-D I may actually have money left over!!! I'm stoked.

mmmmk, i think it's time for hot chocolate and christmas movies.... :-D MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3
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