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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 1-7-2007 at 9:25am
Today....tomorrow....and then.....BACK TO MARQUETTE!!!!! <3

I could not be more excited....a little stressed because i have NO packing done, and not really any time to do it since between now and then i have to work 20 hours.... :-( hahaa....but that's 200 dollars in my pocket before i go back to i'll deal.

I new ipod...and all my books! The snowboard should be at Brooke's either by Tuesday or Wednesday, so i can put the bindings on and *maybe* break it in a little before classes! The ipod i had sent to my dorm, so i won't be able to pick it up till saturday....but that's alright...i'll have to workout with once we start classes up again :-)

SO.....last night was supposed to be me, kelly, tricia, and brittney watching movies and eating pizza...however, kelly and brittney BOTH ditched out on us!!! But that's PERFECTLY fine, because me and tricia had a BLAST! However, we're NOTORIOUS for picking the absolute lowest budget, shittiest acting movies in the movie store...bad enough that we actually drove back to the blockbuster at 1030 to get a different movie (sweetest part...the lady didn't charge us cuz she kinda warned us about the one movie)!!! AHhhhh it was so much fun and SOOO needed! We rocked out to tenacious D in the car swear she's the only girl i sing along to beezleboss with!!! and not just sing...but completely rock out to lol. Eric came over for like an hour too, which was awesome....he was exhausted though from boarding and driving all night. And he was gonna stay and watch the movies with us for longer, but he had a bunch of friends from home he wanted to see before he left (plus we'll see him tuesday night). THe crummy part was that i definitely didn't leave till like 130, and had a 40 minute drive home...and had to be up at 730! hahaha....but it was totally worth the tiredness....last night was a blast and now it's only 2 more days till we head back!

And..i finally have all my financial shit figured out i think....I sat down and actually worked it all out....working this break completely saved my ass.. I"m not rich right now, but i definitely have some extra cash :-). Of course....this month my phone bill will be through the roof....everytime i come home, it skyrockets....damnit. But that's alright....i'll just work my ass off till i catch up again. OOoooo me and tricia are goin job hunting once we get back to mqt too. THere's a few places we're for sure gonna go put in apps at, and then we'll see if anywhere else is hiring...i hope i get that bartending job....i really think i'd LOVE it. I love that atomosphere and i can totally deal with assholes and a few creepers haha. I guess we'll see hey?

:-) i got my hair cut!!! At Kristi's!! I missed her SO much! We spent like 4 hours there of course (hahaha, eric and tricia were so thrown off by that). ANd i LOVE my hair...she always does a good job with it....then again, she's been doing it for nearly 13 years i THINK she has a good idea of how to work with it :-P She kept the length :-) but threw back in the sideswept bangs like I had over the summer and layered the hell out of it. She even did the bangs on both sides so that if i want to change my part, i can, but it doesn't look weird :-) Oooo and thank god she razored the hell outta it was getting SOOO heavY!!!! i just have too much hair! It's so thick...which is awesome...but when it's long like this it gets really weighed down...when i looked down there was so much hair on the floor...but most of it was from the razoring not the scissors!!!

alrigth.....well i'm out!
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