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blair (profile) wrote,
on 1-16-2007 at 2:46pm
Subject: 2007.
As it turns out, after more than one year without updates, I do have a journal here, after all.

Of course, I find this out after purchasing an invite code. <3

I had to.

No matter how wonderful my life can turn out, or how much a year can change a person- I'm still stuck in the past. And so of course I remember all the internet drama of 2000. I remember the unforgettable friends (frenemies?) I made via a chat room that closed its' doors years ago. It's Woohu, himself, who draws me to this website.

I should begin where I left off, but I didn't really leave off anywhere. Hung up on some dumb boy. I'm proud to say I finally had the courage to end things with him last spring.

I married a wonderful man on December 31. No, I am not pregnant. Nor did either of us think I was when we got married. We got married for various reasons, but we're wonderful together.

I bought a car in November. A 2002 Hyundai Sonata LX w/ a V6, leather seats, power sunroof, etc. It's nice.

I went through two jobs in 2006. (Three, technically, because I didn't quit my job with the school district 'til mid-January, but I didn't work in 06 for them.) I'm currently six months into my second job, and have already received a 10% raise. The husband works here, too. He just got a whoppin' 25% raise (but I make more).

I still have the cockatiels- two have paired off and are always romancing (or humping) each other. We might wind up with babies (oh, boy) this spring. The other male/female are now in a seperate cage, since the male who was getting some started to attack the older male. Hmph. Boys have issues.

We have three dogs. Zeus was a stray we took in, whom was almost killed by my mother's english mastiff, but survived after $500+ in emergency vet bills and 23 stitches. Ashe (the "family" dog) has become mine, and Zena is still my number one (she even got to be at my wedding).

The cat total went up and went down. In late 05, the kittens finally became mine. However, in February 06, Charcoal had to be put down. Trevor and I rescued two black kittens last summer, both survived their near death experiences, and are now happy, though small, creatures that own my sister. On Thanksgiving, we wound up picking up another stray. She spent the night with us outside Circuit City, then went to bed with us at 6am. She adapted to the dogs at first sight, and is the silliest cat you could imagine. She's a Japanese Bobtail mix.

We're saving money to put a down payment on a house in 3-5 years. Our goal is to have $30-50k to put down. Hmph. Ambitious, yes? Trevor hopes to get a job with the police department, or maybe get his Class "A" license and be a truck driver. I still don't know what I want to do, though I'm good at what I do now.

Zeus is getting neutered tomorrow. We're hoping it'll calm him down, some, since he's sort of hyperactive.

We bought a 53" widescreen HDTV for $600. I thought it was dumb, yet I enjoy it.

I was named editor of an atheist newsletter, starting the Feb. 2007 issue. I'm excited. The board has yet to officially approve me, so after the February issue- I could be kicked off. Because of this, I bought a new hard drive for my laptop (should arrive tomorrow afternoon) and a new stylus for the tablet- since I've lost the one it came with. I'm hoping the only problem with it is the hard drive. I don't want to deal with a defective motherboard.

I saw snow for the first time in 2006. March 12. It was gorgeous, albeit wet and cold. I've driven up to the snow three times this fall/winter, and snow got so low last Friday that it snowed about 40 miles from my house. (My office is 19 miles, and we got hailed on good- everything was white, and people called it snow, though it was just ice! The employees still had a 7am "snow"ball fight!) 15 miles east of my office, a security guard at the electric company reported that it hadn't stopped snowing "all day" at 2:30pm. I do enjoy the colder weather this year, because we're not getting a ton of rain. I think the rainy season will hit in February/March.

Oh. I saw Wysteria Lane. <3
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