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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 1-20-2007 at 2:27pm

I had the most amazing night

Then in general has just been amazing lately.

Which I'm pretty sure was the entire gist of my last supershort entry.

Calculus is AMAZING. I LOVE the professor...he's a nutty wackjob...but i've learned a shitton already and it's the first WEEK! Greek class.......ahhhhhh i have no words for it! I'm so excited i can barely contain myself. French.... <3 <3 <3 that's all i've got for that lol. And Chem...oh god. I"m in heaven. It's all the types of problems that I LOVE to do.....and it's the whole point of the class. I'm absolutely ecstatic. Plus i think this will make it SUPER easy to raise my GPA up quite a bit this semester :-)

As for my night :-) we all went out to see the hitcher, which almost everyone liked.....i thought it was OK. not a favorite but a decent movie. Then we all went out and hung out and did our typical friday night spiel lol. Ended up staying over at Erics.....and wound up just in each others arms, kissing and quietly singing along with the music to each other. Cheesy?.....well yeah....a tiny bit. But more touching and romantic than cheesy. :-) Both ended up passing out to shooting star by bad company. amazing it if you don't have's a keeper. Don't know the final outcome yet. Some good things have happened....but I'm just gonna watch. He's got till wednesday and then i get to sit on him and make him talk about it hahaha.....actually i think we may do that tonight before we start drinkin. :-)

K....i need a nap and a shower :-)

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