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xk7x (profile) wrote,
on 2-6-2007 at 5:38pm
woooo i found this bitch thanks to nic. hahah but i cant write my secret feelings in it cuz ppl know about it. but yeah today sucked like soo bad. i feel so depressed and i dont know why. but whatever ill deal with myself obsorbed self someday. but im going to see the blue man group with natasha should kick some asss. yeah errrg i hate the way i feel and no one will ever know. this time im keeping it inside of me because when i say things other things get ruined and for certain ppl they seem to be so called catching fire and spreading like wild ahhshahah i can compare things... i guesss. but not really
i should just go jumg off that bridge now because its always been there for me and i want to leave myself there forever so to speak. ha emo i know but you dont care. i mean i really do have memories with that brige if that makes sense to anyone but i dont care. i mean i went there to just cry so many times man and when i wanted to commit suicide there that sucked but yeah and i walked across that thing so darn much to just be in those woods and when i used to walk to toris house and ahahah just standing there and watching the stupid cars go by as i screamed at them. good times good times.
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