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xk7x (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2007 at 3:14pm
i take things way over the top. and right now im doing that. it sux. its been like 5 days since ive been feeling this way. but it seems like my life is falling apart for some stupid reason. the ppl who i thought were my friends dont seem as good friends. and i dont know why. i know im just over reacting right now but i cant help it. i always do the wrong thing then regret it. i swear ill never get what i want. i think this might be apart of why i am depressed. its because i take things too far. i always have. it also seems that i cant have a life unless its perfect. which sux for me because then ill have no life at all. man i hope i dont get to be the way i used to be. it was horrible. fuck you death and your stupid reacurrance in my mind. sometimes i wonder what it would be like if i was gone out of this stupid world. and i have come to realize that only a few ppl would care. like sure ppl might be sad but i wasnt a big part in their lives so it wouldnt matter. i know devon would care alot. robert would too. hes almost always been there for me. hmmmmmmmmmmm thats all. maybe mandie but she hasnt known me for so long so who am i to know. i doubt my family would care. i always just seem to get in their ways anyways............

-im lost with and without you.
-you make me feel great and like shit.
-you make me want you and make me want to stay away from you.
-i want to love life and hate life because of you.
-i want to tell you how i feel and yet i dont.
-you would care but i really dont think you would.
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