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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 2-9-2007 at 7:03pm
Current mood: infuriated
Music: Dream Theater - Never Enough
Subject: R.I.P.
1998 - 2007: Sony Playstation. My old friend, rest in pieces.

Today, Friday, February 9th 2007... was the last day the console purred with the hum of electric life. It was a very tragic moment, because the console had been working the prior evening, though it's performance I did notice was getting weak; lags and inability to fully go through with the cinematic event upon a certain game. Today, I closed that gray plastic lid for the last time. The motor will no longer whir in determination, the green LED will no longer shine in the dark; no longer be a beacon of hope.

I've had the system forever it seems, and when everyone else's died on them, mine still resisted the call of death. Alas, it would seem that its willpower did not remain with time.

Farewell, my beloved console. I shall miss you.

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