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ladybug04 (profile) wrote,
on 2-15-2007 at 9:09pm
So.. this weekend my sister and I are getting together and going through all of my mom's things and deciding what to do with all of it. I think it's going to be very difficult. I've been in a great mood these past few days, but right now I just can't get her off my mind. I miss her so much.

You have know idea how much of a mistake it is, if you are taking anyone in your life that you care about for granted. They could seriously be gone tomorrow. I saw my mom 4 times in a period of 2 years, but we always stayed in touch through letters, and everytime I saw her, I thought it may be the last time. I didn't take her for granted, and am so thankful for the great last conversation we had together, and that the last time I saw her, we had an aboslute blast and hugged like 6 times before I left. That is what I'm holding one to. I see her face, hear her laugh, and voice, and I can still smell the way she always smelled. It's like she's not really gone. And then reality hits, and sometimes it hits hard. Wow, she is gone. And it still is incredibly hard. I'll never get another letter from her in the mail, I'll never talk to her on the phone again, or laugh with her. One may almost allow these thoughts to drive them to depression, however I believe that I'll see her again. I believe she's in heaven, and she's happier than she ever was in her life. This brings me some peace of mind. There are so many people who I hear have just lost a parent, or loved one. While the situations are exactly the same, I do in some way know exactly what they feel. I just know that, as long as you don't take your loved one's for granted, it wont be as hard if they do ever leave you someday.
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