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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 2-27-2007 at 9:56am
YIKES i leave in a little over 24 hours! I'm freaking out lol and i'm a little sad about leaving....things have been going so good with everyone that it makes me sad to leave it for 2 weeks. The other thing i'm not really excited about is the two tests i have to take today....that's the one thing that's definitely been slacking the past 2 weeks or eek. I'm just not motivated anymore. AT all. I need to work on that. I've been workin on goin to the library during the day on tuesdays....ill be heading there soon actually. It's the one day i have where i have a significant amount of time to spend there studying/doing homework.

Things with eric are........ahhhh i don't have words for it. Absolutely amazing. I'm so happy with things right now that i basically never stop smiling. Don't get me wrong, there are little bumps....but even those i love, because he shares my love of arguing and we always get it worked out within 10 minutes lol. And i actually do like the arguments, because we get anything that's wrong dealt doesn't just sit and simmer until one of us gets pissed off. :-) Bahhhhh the past week or two with him have been unbelievable. I don't think i've smiled or laughed so much in quite some time. We've partied together, gone to bed early some nights (like 10pm), slept in annd cuddled, watched movies, wrestled, played guitar hero, even studied together. It's been so just spend time with him both with our friends and without them....just enjoying each other. The fact that he could leave for the summer makes me appreciate all these little things all the more. THe one thing i'm afraid to do is let myself love him. I could...easily, without a backwards glance....but I'm a little afraid to fall....I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. And i don't want to do anything without knowing that i'm absolutely sure. So i'll enjoy what i've got right now.....which is an incredibly happy bubbly heart bursting deep feeling lol....if that makes any sense. <3

Ok...i really need to go study.

:-) <3
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