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rina (profile) wrote,
on 2-28-2007 at 9:20pm
Current mood: busy
Music: beautiful never - mstu
Subject: confirmations/revelations
you don't know what you're doing here, really, or if it'll change anything. the sky above villengarde is bright, cloudless; different from how you left it. you can imagine factories smudging black against the skyline, the mirage fade-out of heat swelling over fields.

it's just green now.

the sun blazes down and you squint upwards, right hand covering your forehead as the other rests comfortably on your hip.

this is new. different.

you stare up so long that you feel like you aren't grounded, just seconds from floating up and away, away, away.

away, away, away. into the blue.

above even this you know its all just black, full of swirling gases and cosmic dust and stars waiting to die. but you still stare, almost longingly (re: desperately), and inside you know its an illusion of perfection.

(freedom hangs like heaven over everyone).

why? you ask, and you think you feel a breeze.

you try asking again, but there's no reply. the banana palms sway to themselves, casting intricate shadows on the grass below, potassium-rich and silent.
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