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fadingintoblue (profile) wrote,
on 3-3-2007 at 3:04pm
I feel like I am currently acting as an emotional band aid for someone I barely know. I want to help, but at the same time, I only have so much emotional energy to share, and I don't think I'm being helpful. And at the same time I'm thinking, why me? What is it about me that this guy is asking me for help? I'm pretty sure it's not that he's interested in me (well, not beyond friendship), and last time I checked I wasn't some super empath who could instantly make people feel better (which I'm definitely not doing for him). I haven't been able to do anything besides give him easter candy and a stuffed elephant to hug, and I left early last night when he probably could have used my help (instead, I decided that Willa was more important). So, confusion. I am going to listen to the random punk music Jennie downloaded on my laptop and clean my room.
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