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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 3-12-2007 at 12:46am
SO here is what I did for spring break:

I watched VM for 8 days and worked at kohls for 30 hours. Those 30 hours were the only time I left my Apt. and it was the only time I wasnt watching it ( I did sleep a little too...) buit the thing is I am realizing I have a pattern. when my grandpa was really sick sophmore year I got engrossed in OTH i would stay in my room for days watching it on an endless loop, now when things are all uncertain again, I am doing the same thing with Veronica Mars (which is way better in writing, but just as frusterating and satisfying in the drama by the way). I feel relly lost right now. I used to like so much about myself and now I am really struggling. I think I made some very wrong choices and have landed myself in a situation that now I just have to dig myself out of. I came to Western when I souldnt have, I picked a major that is next to impossible to succeed at in life, I have next to no support system in this town. I run from connections and am alone in more than one sense. Right now I am justy going to get this shit over with so I can start over somewhere, anywhere.

I have a notebook of invisible questions that need letters put to them.
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