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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 3-14-2007 at 7:37pm
well i have discovered some cool stuff lately. I found some new music thanks to VM: Spoon and The Old 97's.

I have not watched regular tv in about 2 and a half weeks...which is, admittedly, weird...but the weirder part is that i have been watching VM contunuously in that time. and that it still hold my interest. I have 2 seasons which helps, but why am I STILL watching it? I tried to watch something else the other day I i put in another disk of VM...pathetic....more pathetic? I dream in that reality. Like I live there in that town and most of the time I dont see any of the characters, but like the "cinematography" of the dream lets me know that I am there. I dont know if I am making sense, but like the way the dream looks lets me know I am in VM's world, but I still dream the normal kinds of things mostly. LAst nioght was weird though...I rode a motorcycle and took a roadtrip, but it was raining, and I went up the caost of Cali and it was really pretty....but i was riding a MOTORCYCLE.

anyway, I am just putting my work off, so I should do that instead of this.

Aaron wants to hang out this weekend...that could be cool...

Sean doesnt seem to have thought about me while he was gone, and he doesnt look to be changing that now that he is back...oh well, i have other shit to worry about.

My Aunt Shell flew to Cali to see my Aunt Paula today...I wish I hadnt messed school up so bad so I could go.
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