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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 3-19-2007 at 11:56pm
I was just thinking about VEronica Mars, so some of you might not want to read past here:

So something has been bothering me lately. I REALLY like this show and I get really emotionally attached to the characters, but the thing that really has hit me lately is that I am a lot like veronica...bear with me...She really doesnt trust people and she runs from intimacy. She can love lots of things, but she can't say I love you to her boyfriend. she doesnt let herself really experience the emotions she feels and keeps herself distanced for fear of getting hurt ( presumably). I mean online kristen bell has been saying that logan is bad for veronica, but i think that logan and veronica are good for eachother. veronica make logan better and logan forces veronica to thaw out a little. he makes her feel things, even when she doesnt want to. and I know he is a huge player, but he doesnt cheat on her, she runs away and he looks for what he cant get from her elswhere. SHE always runs away or blows him off first then he gets another woman, and she wants him again. Avoidance is key in thier realtionship and I feel like I do that too. I avoid until I can't then If possible I lie or run away. There are a lot of things I want and I am afraid to go after them. I dont want to hurt, but I guess ploating along not feeling anything isnt working either.

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