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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2007 at 9:33am
Subject: Thursday

Well, I have so many things to do right now that it's not even funny.

The day of my last update, I was trying to cram everything in that I had to do.
I had to go to Shop n Save and pick out a cake.
I told them how I wanted it but the girl didn't write any of it down?
I"m really picky about things so I doubt it's going to be done right.
What low expectations I have...
I wish I could do it myself.

After that we had to take Justin's friend home.
We prepared for the long ride.
Nore came with us.

I realized I hadn't ate anything all day so we stopped at McDonald's and Justin bought me a kid's McNuggets meal, Nore got a mcchicken, and justin got a double cheeseburger, but ended up switching with Nore in the end.

We ate it down by the river so Nore could play a little bit.
His paws got a little muddy, but we couldn't let him jump in because we didn't have a towel for him to dry off.

After that, we went home.
A little bit later, me and Justin put Nore in the crate and left to go to the mall becuase he bought me a shirt to wear to the shower and I didn't really like it--it was one of those shirts that make you look fat.
Yeah, yeah, I know.. I kinda AM fat right now.. but that's not what I mean.
You know those shirts that you don't want to wear when you're not pregnant because they make you look like you are?
Well, Tyra says you don't want to wear those shirts when you are pregnant either.
It was really tight around my boobs and I can't wear a bra with it because it's a tank top so it smooshed them down and looked horrible.
Then, it's real loose and flow-y on my mid-section so that my stomach looks 10x bigger than it is.. and right now, we don't need that because my stomach is HUGE.
Anyways--we returned it and I tried on a million pair of jeans.
I finally found a pair I wanted.
It is rough becuase I'm short, so I have to by PETITE small, because regular small is wayyy too long.. but.. petite is a little too short for me and I don't like it when the backs of my jeans are off the ground.
Oh well, I settled for them in the end.

Now I still have to find a shirt to wear. That's a task.
I'll quickly look at Gabes but I'm probably going to have to run down to Target the morning of the shower.

Today I have to do paperwork with JoJo in Monessen.
She told me to be there for 11.. I don't know how long we will be there til.
Justin was going to get my car inspected while I'm at work, but I'm kinda hoping he forgets because I have a lot to do and if I don't have a ride home from work I'm going to be pissed.
Car inspections are a big hassle!!

Maybe if I get off work early today I can run to Gabes?
I also have to shop around for party game gifts.
My mom bought candles ad picture frames and stuff.
April bought some tupperware containers and a strainer and dish towels and stuff... Those are good gifts, but they are sort of unappropriate for the age of the party. You know what I mean?
So I am going to go look for stuff.
I don't know what to buy! I'll just look around, I guess.

Tomorrow, I was planning on having the day off because our therapists will be at a luncheon with doctors.. BUT.. they need me in Bentleyville so I have to go over there. =(
I don't even know how to get there, I don't think!
I'm probably going to get lost!!
I've never been there. And.. I have to work from 10 until like all day.

Anywyas, I have to go, Nore is barking.
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