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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 4-2-2007 at 7:09pm
Current mood: freed.
Subject: atf.

this weekend was amazing.

i attended acquire the fire as a leader.
hannah and kenna were in my room.
haley and i fell in love with the guys in the band.
we took pictures and partied in my room.
i photoshopped and let the girls use my lap top for myspace.

but the best thing about it all, was truly feeling safe again.
and free.
raising my hands in worship, and loving my life.
loving a god that everyone i have been surrounded by,
has challenged.

i have been so challenged here.

and being with all of the youth again, i was truly able to let go.

these kids don't ask questions
they don't ask why
they don't doubt

they just simply believe in a god they can not see
because they have given him a chance
and they have felt him.

and that is all they have needed.
that is all i needed.

sidenote: toby mac is crazy.

haley told me that tyler wants to marry her.
she said she is very scared because she is so young.

i am extremely scared because he told me the same thing.
and i truly believed it.

and because of it,
i am still in love with him to this day.

i dream weird dreams about tyler all the time.

i haven't figured out if they have purpose, and are god sent.
or if i am just insane.
i don't mention them to michael. but i wish i could.

it is storming loud outside.
that is my favorite.
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