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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2007 at 6:52pm
Subject: uhh okay

The reason why I liked Chris Sligh so much was because of his audition. Most people don't know what I'm talking about because they haven't watched it from the beginning.

Well, here it is:

Since my last update..
My baby shower was a lot of fun. =)
EVEN THOUGH I left the answer key to the games at my house, we forget to play the game where everyone guesses how fat I am, I looked like shit because I kept crying, I hated what I was wearing, and I didn't get a chance to talk to every single person for as long as I watned to.
Everyone kept asking if it was catered because the food was soooo good. I ate a lot. Not as much as I wanted to, though. My mom ended up having to throw a lot away because it wouldn't fit in her fridge. I was sad when she told me because I would've ate it all.

Leanne and Michelle came out for it.
I miss them soo much, I wish they could've stayed longer! =(
We took a lot of pictures. They are fun.

Justin is all fussy and excited about the presents and he put everything together already.
Aaaaand he's a fucking moron and thinks you need two coats of primer.
Whatever. If it wasn't for him the room would already be painted.
He pisses me off sometimes.

We got light blue for the baby's room. I think we are going to leave all the trim white. Eventually, I want to get dark blue carpet in there.
I got pretty much everything I needed at the shower.
All the presents were sooo extrmely nice, I can't wait to actually go through everything. I have to wait til the room is painted though.

The only thing I really need now is a book case for the baby and a dresser. =)
Also.. I am going to get a new diaper bag because I didn't get the one I wanted and I think it is cute.

Today I had soo much to do. I had to go over Joe Fida's and renew my registration. It expired in February!!
After that, I had to go to Marsh Tire and get my inspection and emissions.

I need to get those pictures from my baby shower on my computer so I can crop them and fix the lighting and everything and then I can print them out and put them in frames!!
I am going to hang four pictures up on the wall in my lviing room in two frames I have to match this mirror I put up.

I need more stuff to hang up on these walls though.

First things first--I need to get a new patio door.
THAT'S most important. Then a new entrance door because I pulled it out of the wall and the nails dont go back in.

I am pretty much just rambling on.
Just being bored.

I am excited about the high chair, pack n play, swing, and travel system that I got. =D
The nursery theme is cute too.

Anywyas, I'm done being boring.
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