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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2007 at 1:26am
This has been an AMAZING week! Not only did i not have Bill's class all week, but we had 2 SNOW DAYS!!!! and by snow days i don't mean a little sprinkling of snow...this is the damn blizzard of 2007! lol, i managed to get out today (friday) for easter and come home, but the trip to escanaba took twice as long because i was driving 15 mph in an inch of packed snow! Literally it's whiteout conditions up there and it's out of control...everyone's getting stuck or winding up in ditches...bianca's done well though! The snow days were SOOOOOOO great...wednesday me and eric laid in bed reading till 3 when we had to get up for work and thursday was more laying in bed...after my INTERVIEW!
eeek, i hope i did was justin, kimmy, and tim giving it and it was damn intimidating to walk into the room with all three of them sitting there. But i guess we'll see what happens...if i get it, SWEET, if not, well there's always next year or antoerh job :-P
The snow days also meant that my calc test and my chem quiz got pushed to monday (or the next day we have school, which may not be till wednesday!!!) Kinda nice to have the extra time to go over my notes....really slam down what i'm doing. :-) I talked to my mom about classes tonight....told her that I'm probably never going to graduate with a 4.0 and maybe not even a 3.0. but i told her that i'm happier than i ever was in highschool. I think i've found a good balance. I may not be an A student, but i'm moving up in jobs and clubs, and i have a spectacular life. I go out with my friends, spend time with my boyfriend, stay up late playing cards and watching movies and talking, and i still find a little time to study. I've decided that as long as i can get my degree, the GPA just doesn't matter. That probably means i'm going to get kiked out of honors soon...which means i'll lose the director position, but that's ok. I can still put it on a resume, and if i'm not in the program, i'm alot more free to relax with my classes and not have to honorize them. Basically, i'll be more free to enjoy life and the UP.
I can't wait for summer. I'm sure i've said that a thousand times by now, but i just can't wait. With all the people staying up here, i really think it's going to be a blast. It kinda sucks that i'm not taking classes (i feel like i'll lose motivation), but at the same time, that leaves me more time to work (hopefully at JJ's when Dan gets back from training in Ann Arbor). It's all kind of up in the air still. I still haven't heard back from the job on campus for summer...and needless to say, if i don't get it, i'm a litlte on the screwed side of things! I don't know what i'll do then, but i know i'll get by...i've been checking hte michigan works site for open jobs and we'll just see what happens. I may have to borrow some money from my mom for a bit though if i can't pay rent, which i don't like, but i'll pay her back quick...i don't like having debts to anyone.
Alright...i suppose i could head to bed. I should have written a few papers tonight...but i started playing guitar hero and got hooked....VERY BAD! hahaha....but tomorrow i plan on spending time with my mom and owrking on the papers and that's it. I know once i sit down and crank them out, itll be's just he sitting and doing them that sucks.
sweetest dreams and sunny days....or snowy! if you so please :-)
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