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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 4-8-2007 at 12:44am
wow. I really truly non-sarcastically love how happy i am.

things get tough....but i'm still HAPPY.

I wish everyone the amount of happiness i feel every day.

And i throw out a thanks to my mom, tricia, brooke, eric, my cats, my roomate, and sunshine...for making me so happy :-)

is it cheesy that i talk about how happy i am all the time? I don't think it means i'm really not happy, because the only thing that brings about htis awareness is going and reading other journal entries, or AIM convos with friends.

The only thing that is awful is that i'm terribly procrastinating my 10 page paper.....which i'm now going to try and stay up late writing...hahahahahaha....we'll see how this goes...but hopefully i will have a draft to bill by tuesday. I plan on spending all night and then tuesday at the library if i don't finish tonight. maybe spend monday night after work there too....not hang out with eric for a night. Sounds like a plan. Just spend time at starbucks...they're open till 3am during the week...and tuesdays are my easy days then! :-) maybe i'll just write 2 or 3 pages tonight....then study for calc test tomorrow. Bill's gonna hate that i don't have my draft done by monday...but he can suck a fat one. :-D

I told my mom i don't really care much for my GPA anymore....i'm happy even though it's not a 4.0. I'd rather have a life and leadership roles and a not-so-good GPA then spend my life at the library trying to memorize textbooks. <3

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