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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 4-8-2007 at 1:17pm
Subject: happy easter =(

Well, quarter after 1..
Justin is leaving in about 45 minutes.. =(

He is going to Ocean City, MD to work with Shaun for three weeks.
The next time I'll see him we'll probably have a baby.

If I have it while he's gone he has to take a bus to Baltimore and then a plane to Pittsburgh so he can get here in like a couple hours and not miss it.
I told him he HAS to hurry though because I'll be scared by myself.
He's the one person I'm closest with so I'll feel better if he's there.
I wish Liz could be there.. she's the one person that I can actually talk to about anythign and she understands.
It always makes me feel better to talk to Liz about stuff.
She was one of the first people that I talked to about being pregnant.

Ughh! But it's going to be SO weird without Justin.
for THREE weeks.
I've been with him every single day since..
since July 2005.

Atleast I can get some cleaning done--he is so messy.
The first thing I'm about to do is paint the baby's closet and then I can start moving things in the room.
The closet is the only thing that needs painted.

Sometime this week my mom wants to run to Babies R Us to buy a diaper bag and also I need a dresser and a bookcase.

I guess I'll miss my lame boyfriend.
Even though I get sick of him like ALL the time--I'm really sad he's leaving.
Anyways, I'm gonna go..
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