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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2007 at 2:19pm
Music: hiding under water-beth hart
Subject: what best means.
erica came over this morning.
i have needed a best friend for a long time.

she has always been the only one.

i think once you really, truly experience having a friend that you spend every moment possible with,

who sees you grow,
and knows your worries and doubts,
knows what makes you laugh,
and cry,
and scream,
and silent,
knows the things you hide,
the dreams you push down,
and even the way you love,

i do not believe that is replaceable.

we ate fondue last night and talked for long hours.
i really hope she won't let me down again.

i really hope we can stay friends.
that would be nice.
i feel like i can tell her everything.

no one is trust worthy like that anymore.

advice for life:
don't take any one for granted.
broken arms still long to be held.
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