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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 4-16-2007 at 10:59pm
Music: can i atleast get a raise on minimum wage??
Subject: oh nore, nore, what is the matter?!?!?!?!

eh. i haven't updated in a couple days. i haven't been on the computer much, really.
which is surprising because how bored i've been lately.

i am sad without justin.
atleast i have nore, i don't think i could manage without him.
well.. 11 more days.

speaking of nore, he's being an asshole right now.
i am seriously going to beat his ass.
he keeps barking in my face for no reason what so ever.
if i ignore him, it makes it worse.
and then i yell at him and he gets real low and then climbs up on my lap and licks my face which is annoying too.
i don't know what the fuck he wants but he is pissing me off.

i still love him though.
it's not his fault he's getting on my nerves,
he was locked in the crate all day while i was at work for SEVEN hours!
that makes me mad because my mom was supposed to come over to let him out but she never did, and if i would have known that she wasn't going to show up at all, i would've left the key for serg or something because he would've stopped by after work.

we took these pictures the other day to e-mail to justin:

it makes me miss justin more when i think about the day he left.
he went to the mall with shaun to buy pants for work that he would need to take down there with him.
when he came back, he said he had a present for me.
he had my favorite perfume and same scented lotion which is like $70 for a little 4oz thing and another $40 for 4oz of the lotion.
then he sprayed all his stuff with it before he packed everything up so he could smell me when he got down there. =(

i ahven't been doing much.
i go to work, i come home and play with nore.
the baby's room is all set up.

maybe tomorrow i can go to Babies R Us to get the diaper bag i want?
also, i rrreally need to start packing for the hospital.

i had a doctor's appointment last week and i'm over 1 centimeter dialated.
i have another appointment tomorrow but i'm not really looking forward to it.
last week internal exams started and i hate them.

this baby is so big i don't know how he is going to fit out.
that's weird.
and scary.
but.. a lot of bigger sissies had babies so i think i will survive.
like i tell people when they ask me if i'm scared, "it's like someone whose scared of roller coasters getting to the top of the hill and wanting to get off..."
there's kinda.. no turning back now. haha.
it will be worth it in the end--i can't wait to see my baby!!

anywyas, this was a boring update, i'm sorry
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