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siyumai (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2007 at 6:14pm

it's the little things.
the things that always go unnoticed.

i love how neither of us are ever in control of our emotions.
and at the same time i hate it.

i love how he has all this power,
and his touch is so gentle.

i love winning wrestling matches with him,
even though he's a sore loser.

i love how we can talk about pokemon
for hours.

i love how when we watched the notebook
he looked at me and smiled at the cheesy parts.

i love how he sings to me in that awful,
high-pitched kind of voice that makes me happy everytime.

i love how no matter what,
he always looks out for my best interest

i love drinking with him, because when i say i love you,
he looks at me and smiles so soft, because he believes it

and even though we argue.
he should believe it.
because i do love him.
and i wouldn't trade this last year.
not for anything.

april 24, 2006
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