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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 4-17-2007 at 5:46pm
Current mood: beat.
Music: Freezepop. Plastic Stars.
Subject: 10 more days.. =/

My doctor's appointment went well.
Except for the fact that sitting in the waiting room for 45 minutes is a bitch.
Oh and the fact that she was very rough and pretty much killed me.
However, she was amazed at my tummy and told the nurse that I would make the perfect model for a baby study and the felt all around for different baby parts and she showed me where the head was and everything and how he was sitting in there and just everything.
I wish Jusitn could've been there this time.
She also told me that they're going to hate me at the hospital because she guarantees that I go home in my old jeans. hahaha. yeah right.. but i loooooved that one.
i can't wait to have this baby and then start exercising.
(yeah right, i'll probably be sleeping 24/7)

You say there's no place you'd rather be when you're lying next to me.
I say there's no one I'd rather see when you're lying next to me.
You say you are totally complete when you're lying next to me.
I say even your tears would taste sweet when you're lying next to me.
You say a better place can not be found when you're lying next to me.
I say let's make my bed a playground when you're lying next to me.

After that I went and picked up my mom and we went out to Greensburg to give them my letter to Sarah. He was surprised it was typed, I was like, "hmmm...??" Hahaha Dur. It would be trashy if it weren't!!!

Then, I picked up Nore, dropped my mom off at home, went to the bank and then met Cam at my house.

Now, I'm just sitting here chillin, watchin videos on YouTube.
Being extremely bored and lazy when I should be cleaning my house.

The bright side is that I dropped a whole plate of dinner all over my couch! =D

Anywyas, I'm done for now.
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