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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 4-17-2007 at 11:36pm
Current mood: stressed
Subject: tuesday night

Ugh. Nore was begging to go out so I let him.
Well, he usually comes in and out to check in,
but he wasn't... so I called him. He didn't come.
I didn't hear him jingle. (That's how we know he's
where he should be and not at the neighbor's.)

Well, I sat here and called him a few more times.
He didn't come. I started to get nervous so I got up
and I went to the porch and started to yell for him.
He didn't come. I couldn't hear him jingle.
I started to get really nervous--he ALWAYS comes
and I live right between 51 North and 51 South.
If he saw a bunny or something he would chase
after it--especially if I wasn't there to call him back.

I started to yell for him and yell for him, "Nor-baby,
want a treat?!, Come inside! Come Nore!!!" But
he wasn't coming. Then I heard a car screech to
a stop. My heart dropped. I ran and got my shoes
and a coat and ran out of the house. I was about to
run down the steps when his chocolate ass comes
running up them, happy as ever. I don't know if
it was him that made that car's tires screech or
not, but I do know that he is definitely getting tied
up in the yard when he goes out from now on.

         I am glad I don't have to work until 2:00 tomorrow.
         We are super slow and they don't really need me,
         but I said I would come in around two and Todd
         said that was fine. Then Thursday I can go in
         around the same time unless, for some reason,
         a bunch of people call and say they want to schedule
         for Thursday.--I doubt that will happen though.
         On Friday it doesn't even look like they need me.
         ..and that's my last day. It will be nice to take a
         break, you know? Then I get to meet Jaycen &
         start to have fun. Haha. I am so excitedddddd!!!!
         Obviously we are going to take lots of pictures.
         Justin's next tattoo he made an appointment for,
         he said it's probably going to be his last one for a
         while. He is getting Jaycen around his wrist to tie
         off his grafitti sleeve. I am going to get one too..
         I'm just not sure where yet. I would like it on my
         wrist but then again, it's a little cliche and I hate
         tattoos that everyone else has. Plus, I would want
         it somewhere where no one can see unless I were
         to show them. That way I don't have trouble
         getting a job or anything. You know? I mean, if
         I didn't care I would have a black, white, n gray
         japanese sleeve.. but.. I do.. so.. yeah. Anywyas,
         We'll see what happens.. it will be a surprise.

If anyone can make me a better person you could
All I got to say is I must have done something good
I came along one day and you rearranged my life
All I got to say is I must have done something right

Justin might be coming home for this weekend
and then going back out to work for the week
and just coming home for the 27th and staying
for a while so he can stay with the baby. Then
hopefully he finds another job that he can work
locally and doesn't have to travel!! I hate that!
He told me he picked me seashells on the beach
the other day and he sent me a bunch of pretty
pictures from out there and the view they have
on their balcony and stuff. In a way, I hope he
comes home this weekend because I miss him,
but then again I hope he doesn't because that
will save him money AND I can get more stuff
done around the house to be more of a surprise
for when he DOES come home. =)

         Anywyas, I think I am going to bed now. Even
         though I don't have to wake up early tomorrow
         for a chance and I get to sleep in and go to work
         late. Nor-baby is still really tired and he is trying
         to get comfy on the couch when I know he would
         rather lay in the bed for the night! =D Good night!
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