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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2007 at 1:30am

It's time to get the breath right
So I grab the Crest and toothbrush, circular motions to the left, right
Just enough to see the teeth sparkle a bit
I fill my grill with Listerine and then itís gargle, gargle, spit
And now thatís good hygiene, you know what I mean?
And my mouths the definition of so fresh and so clean
I feel itís only right, since my words all I got
And nobody wants to listen when your breath is hot

But thatís a story in itself so I head to my bedroom
Throw on some drawers and pick out a costume
I think ill rock these blue jeans and this tee shirt
And whats a little be delicious gonna hurt??

Iím feeliní kinda lovely but my
Tummy is growliní so Iím feeling kinda hungry
So I hit the kitchen and Iím wishiní thereís some food in sight
What do ya know? I got that Cinnamon Life
And now Iím real happy, fill my salad bowl up with cereal
To my surprise itís Jackson Five up on the stereo
I turn it up my words canít describe my reaction to
wakiní up and listening to prepubescent Michael Jackson
Open up the Frigidair what do we have here?
Seems like just enough milk to fill my morning craving

Peep out the window just to see if Nore is misbehavin'
Heís staring at me with a grin like ĎYo, let me in!í
So I begin to fill his dish with Kibbles Ní Bits
Let him in so he can eat, and Iím eating my shit
So now we both full and well fed,
Happier than that fat rat Templeton from Charlotteís Web

Now its time to get our walk on
NORE can get his bark on
Itís a beautiful day maybe weíll get our cedar creek park on
I know the lake is at its finest
Iíll grab my backpack, this leash, and maybe make a sandwich
I better grab my ghetto blaster and a few tapes,
A thermos full of water and a bag of fresh grapes
Some more tapes cause you know that music comes first
And whatís a little Jackson Five gonna hurt?
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