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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2007 at 10:55am
Music: fuck was i - jenny owen youngs
Subject: first thoughts surveys.

1. Cigarette:
sinking. stress and a cup of coffee.

you told me we would be perfect.

3. Relationships:
chemicals. and aching.

4. Your Last Ex:
you were supposed to leave my mind.

5. Football:
we were inseperable on sundays. holy days.

6. Crack:
he would call and we would talk about drugs. and life.

7. Food:
scales. toilets. mirrors. numbers. skinnier and skinnier.

8. President:
you waited so long and loved so hard.

9. War:
you left me too short and i hurt. so hard.

10. Cars:
summer heat. evening cool. i heard you coming from down the street.

11. Gas Prices:
i was just thirteen when we went to war.

i still have the letters under my bed, and you wrote about it.

13. Bon Jovi:
music. passion.

14. Religion
we were afraid. and so we hid.

15. MySpace:
emails. conversations at all cost. journal entries.

16. Fear:
never returning my red shoes by the age of 21.

19. Blondes:
she thought you loved her.

20. Brunettes:
i thought you loved her.

21. Politics:
sometimes we all push away what we don't want to know.

22. High School:
on my 15th birthday i almost got a cupcake necklace.

23. One Night Stands:
i couldn't be sure.

24. Cell phones:
silences. arguments. lies.

25. Target:
shopping carts. sodas.

26. Death Row:
to this day we are still lacking.

27. Vanilla Ice Cream:
strawberry fields. heat. red dresses.

28. Porta potties:
reconstruction. building up.

29. Family:
christmas trees and hot chocolate.
we smiled so long and laughed so hard.

30. Pajamas:
captain america. flannel. santa played the guitar.

31. Camping:
leaving. renewing.

32. American Idol:

33. Alcohol:
lies. change.

34. HATE:

35. Best Friend:
late nights. parks. running.

36. WHERE??
we ran all over this town. and back again.

37. Single or taken?
the heart and mind are two different things.

38. Heartache:
snow globes and cold concrete.

39. Love:

40. Music:
dark stages. electric guitars. impressing.

41. Talent:
true and rich.

42. Work:
i didn't see you anymore.

43. Plastic surgery:
they changed your heart.

44. life?:
bruises. bicycles and weddings.

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