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wasabi (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2007 at 7:20pm
Current mood: sad
i have to write this down before it drives me crazy.

im upset
and i hate it
because i feel like there is no good reason.

i just feel so helpless and alone. and i feel like when he moves he's just going to leave me behind and forget about me. and im so scared because i really like him... seriously.
i think its more than just an infatuation.
and god damnit.
i just wish he didnt have to move and that i could see him more.
and that i could have seen him last night.
i feel so bad about last night. so fucking bad.

but i dont know.. i just feel like i'm going to be stuck here with a broken heart while he's hours away, smiling and living on without even a second thought about me. i dont want him to forget me.
and i dont want to be this pessimistic, because i know thats not how it is.
and i want to know why i keep thinking this though.

when i'm with him, im happy.
and i love that.
and i dont have to worry about anything.
and i can be myself.
and i dont want to lose that.

i dont fucking know...

god, i feel like a jerk.

and i dont know what i should say to him.
or what i should do.
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