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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 4-29-2007 at 11:41am
Subject: haha just real quick

Haha, I loove my sister's myspace.
She always has good music and funny things..

"Bitch, you have to be PRETTY for me to hate on you."

"You look at me up and down and don't have nothin to say..
..Funny how the words come when I walk away."

"To all the hoes with my name in your mouth
--Do what you do best and SWALLOW IT."

"Judge me and I'll prove you wrong.
Tell me what to do & I'll tell you off.
Say I'm not worth it and watch where I end up.
Call me a bitch and I'll show you one.
Fuck me over and I'll do it to you twice as bad.
Call me crazy.. but you really have no idea."

Haha.. that last one I posted to her as a comment like last week or somethin.

Anywyas.. it's quite possible today could be the day.
I've been having contractions 7 minutes apart all last night and this morning..

Buuuut--I think I'm out for now.
I'll update later.
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