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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 5-23-2007 at 9:38pm i've decided that i don't really mind if people get jealous that i'm so happy. That's their own damn problem, i just wish it wouldn't make them act differently towards me. I'm happy. If some of my closest friends can't be happy that i'm happy, then i guess they're not that great of friends.

So things with eric almost got disastrous. Last weekend, i was drinking at the house with a bunch of friends and eric had stayed home because he knew he'd get wasted and he had to work saturday morning. I ended up playing spin the bottle with a bunch of people....and kissed two of my guy friends. Understandably, Eric was pissed. But i really respect him for how he reacted. Rather than yell at me right away, he told me to give him a day to think and figure everything out. He calmed down and realized that it was just a silly drunk game, and that i have NO feelings for those boys, and in no way was i intentionally trying to hurt him. We talked the next night and he told me he was pissed, but realizes that it could have been worse and that i wasn't going out of my way to cheat on him. He also said this doens't give him a 'freebie.' basically, if he ever messes up like that, i'm not allowed to immediately forgive him just because i've messed up. Incredibly respectable, in my opinion. And now, honestly, we're doin better than ever. We both seem to realize we could have lost each other, and it's made us alot more appreciative, more so than normal. I'm excited to see how this weekend will go.....that's alot of car time with him and him alone. We've spent days together plenty of times, but never cooped up inside a little car. Hopefully, all will go well. The wedding if nothing else should be a blast.....i can't wait for that. :-)

I've started cooking's kinda fun because me and eric take turns making each other dinner....and it so far has always turned out quite good. And it's a nice feeling to do that for each other. :-) I'm getting good at experimenting with different foods in cooking....finding flavors that complement each other well and so on.

Alright, i've gotta clean my room before's kinda messy and i don't like it!!!
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