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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 5-29-2007 at 11:53pm
I had an absolutely amazing weekend. :-) Driving home and all around with Eric was honestly the best time i've ever had with anyone in a car! We goofed off, told stories and jokes and took pictures and talked about us, took turns driving evenly, and managed to keep the entire 20ish hours crammed together in his cavalier QUITE enjoyable. And the wedding was SUCH a blast!!! The ceremony was cute and not too churchy, thank GOD lol....and the reception was SOOOO much fun....we got to drink for free the whole night, and Eric even asked me to save him a few dances. :-) That's cheesy in itself i know....but he actually came up behind me, put his arms around me, and whispered, 'hey save me a dance or two okay?' and craig and maggie were stunning! AHHH they're MARRIED...i can't believe it, but they both looked soooo happy the whole day. :-) i'm so happy for them.

ooooooo and I got to go to my first metal concert lol. His friend Cam called randomly while we were driving and asked when we were gonna drive thru milwaukee cuz he had free tickets to an otep/static x show! hahaha, we got there just in time and had an absolute BLAST. I didn't really care for static x at all, but i still managed to have a damn good time. And Eric didn't baby me. :-) There were all these guys there with their arms protectively around their girlfriends, not letting anyone near them. 10 seconds into the first song, i was darting away and watchin Eric go off on his own too. He still found me every so often to check up and make sure i was okay, but i told him i didn't want a babysitter. :-P And i got to meet his friends brian and cam and his stepsister ayla, who i wasn't TOO fond of (but i do adore his other sister, sam). AND....after the concert, we came back to my place (at like 2 am), chatted with my brother for a few hours (him and eric got along really well even though they don't have much in common), and then crashed up in my room at like 5am. Hahahah, the next morning he completley freaked out because he'd never met my mom, we looked like shit from being at the concert all night, and he'd slept with me in my room without ever meeting her....he was so worried about that affecting my mom's opinion. Ahhhh....but it all worked out perfectly. :-) They clicked instantly and there were NO awkward silences at ALL...which surprised me...i expected it to be a little awkward at first....but the two of them just got along great. He ended up staying and hanging out with me and my mom for a few hours and then heading home to golf with his dad. When he came the next morning so we could leave for Hastings, he stayed in the kitchen and talked with my mom for like an hour while i showered and finished packing. I came down to the two of them laughing and talking like they'd known each other forever. :-D And they both truly liked each mom said she absolutely adores him.

To end the weekend even more perfectly though....when we got back to marquette he took me out to the new pirates movie, since i hadn't had a chance to go see it over the weekend....AND he enjoyed it lol. Then the next morning we DEFINITELY slept in till like 11, woke up, went shopping, and then hit the beach with brookie, tricia, and danielle (and tucker!!). We grilled burgers and hotdogs, played volleyball, went for a bit of a swim (not too long though cuz it's still pretty cold), tanned, played with tucker, and thoroughly enjoyed the GREAT day. :-D Of course, today i was a tad bit on the crispy side lol, but it's not too bad and totally worth the fun i had this weekend.

I can't wait to see what happens THIS weekend.....its gonna be alot crazier and not nearly as much fun, but hopefully it'll still be great and me and eric won't kill each other lol.

Ooooooooooo....dinner tomorrow is definitely swedish meatballs and egg noodles...which Eric apparently hates.... :-D hehehe just means more for me and brooke. :-)

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