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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 6-6-2007 at 10:13pm
Another decent i say only decent because friday i came down with some sort of freak flu...and me and eric had both slept badly the night the ride home was quieter and much more mellow than last weekend. And the weekend certainly wasn't the crazy type of fun i had last weekend. friday night was fun because we stopped at cam's in kenosha for the night so we didn't have to drive all the way we got to hang out with him and joe (who has the same bday as eric), which was alot of fun. :-) And i absolutely adore cam....he's such a sweetheart and treated me as though i were already a friend. I felt incredibly welcomed. :-) Then saturday i spent with my sister and nephew...which was fun...we watched a parade and then all went to a baseball game. I ended up leaving a little early cuz i still felt sick and achy but it wasn't too bad. Sunday i spent the morning with my mom, which was soooooooooo much fun....i always miss her a ton.
Then i went up and visited mike for a little while, and it was good to see him and nichole. Then it was back to spring grove (only like 20 minutes from my brother's), where i got to meet eric's stepdad (who i'd been TERRIFIED to meet...because he was supposed to be a little on the scary side and very unemotional...........but i LOVED him! he was funny and very easygoing), and i absolutely begged him to let us take dakota (eric's akita) home with us. He is SOOOOOOOo cute!! It was also good to see his mom and sister again. Eric's all freaked out because sam got her license lol.

The sucky part was not getting home till like 3 and nearly dying between escanaba and mqt due to intense patchy fog where we couldn't even make out the white line on the side of the road. It was pretty scary....especially since we were basically the only car on the road!!!

Monday I took the day off, which worked out well because eric had the day off from work too. He basically took care of me, making me tea and giving me little massages to try to ease some of the ache in my body.

Every day i think eric amazes me a little more...yeah we joke around like crazy about other g/f or b/fs and such, but when it comes to actually being worthwhile, he blows my mind. He's so insanely good to me, and i'm so lucky and grateful to have him in my life. the amusing part is he generally still doesn't think he's good enough for me. I wish i could show him how much he means to me sometimes, but i think we both do a pretty decent job of letting each other know. He makes me happy in every way possible.

Alright.....i'm under strict orders to go to bed early tonight....and since it's already 1030, i should probalby get to work on that lol. Ugh...i do however dislike that 1030 is fairly normal for bed.....but i love that im done everyday at the tossup is pretty fair. :-)

sweetest dreams <3
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