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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 6-11-2007 at 1:45am
Hmm, So I've finally started writing again it seems. Quite slowly, but surely (well, more the former and less the latter), both in this journal, and in my story. For those of you who haven't received frequent updates on the status of my story, and who care, I've pretty much decided for sure about what I'm going to write. I even kind of have a rough framework drawn up and whatnot. Now I just need to go through the tedious and almost painful process of filling in that framework. Tonight I actually managed to get the better part of a page completed. Though that might not sound like much, trust me, that page has taken at least a month to emerge in it's current form.

So, aside from my story and a few random happenings with friends and whatnot, my life is pretty damn similar to how it probably was about a year ago. I'm still working at meijer, mostly because I couldn't get another job. I'm not pushing carts, but instead running around fixing registers and telling computer-illiterate people how to resize windows and cut/copy/paste files. Yeah, it's uh, fun >_>.
Oh, though one of our servers did catch fire a week or two ago. Granted neither I nor anyone from my department was there to witness it, but I still found it funny that one of the computers there caught fire after all the jokes I've made about registers spontaneously combusting.

I've also resumed my hobby of looking for poorly named products at meijer. Thus far the best ones I've found have been: Mount Gay rum (I guess it's from barbados or something...), and then Worm Blower, which I found in the fishing aisle between the Rod Holder, and the Mouth Spreader.

Hm, so what else is there...
...I guess I beat Final Fantasy XII a while ago. It took me 106 hours and I still only got through 2/3 of the side-quests. For those of you who may happen to be playing the game, or who are even thinking of playing the game, DON'T SPEND TIME ON THE DAMN SIDE-QUESTS. They are completely worthless wastes of time in which you run for about a half hour to get to some dumb monster, defeat said dumb monster, and then run back to the dumb person that asked you to kill the dumb monster to get a really dumb reward. Nothing is added to the plot, none of the characters are developed, and just about nothing of interest happens during them.

Yeah though, that's about all I can think of right now. Adios amigos...
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