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siyumai (profile) wrote,
on 6-20-2007 at 6:11am
there's a couple pics at end of post

i'M LOViN LiFE..
i'm getting my license in august, i've decided. =]
recently was alex's grad party..
i came, i saw, and i conquered that bioooootch.
actually, i got some vodka and orange juice and cruised my way through the night, pretty much extremely happy.
i showed up on pain pills, which nobody seemed to notice lmfao.
i basically hung out with lindsay and kaitlynn the entire night. me and rocko, eh, fought. but oh well, who doesn't fight?? i still love `im =]
alex and me got into it too.. well, it was more, him screaming at me, but i left after he started {he was blitzed}, cause the day was about him, so i wasn't gonna yell back.
ya dig?!
june 8th..
i didn't even drink, but ya know,
i had fun. party at the house for family.
then over to danielles to see the friends.
we had a little fire..
it was like,
rocko, harold, danielle, allison, chris, yeager, alex, jimmy cribbs, and i'm pretty sure somebody else, but i can't think of who at the moment.

i was in the pool within like, 20 minutes.
rocko ended up skinny-dipping, which, ya know, whatever floats your boat.
but i stayed clothed, thank you.

oh! heather got married! may 5th, it was definitely beautiful =]

kt and me, at alex's graduation. i was starting to feel the absolut by this point.

me and lindsay, like 5 minutes later. i look trashed, but definitely not.

a decent picture of me and rocko. this is december 06, right before the killswitch concert. i was definitely trashed, off like, okay. don't laugh. one shot of everclear, two bears, and a couple drinks of captain morgan. i know, i know! lightweight!

the wedding! my favourite picture! i love it. heather - nicole - me.
gorrrrrrrrrrgeous sisters, if i do say so myself.

hopefully i'll be on here more and whatnot, now that it's summer.
love ya!
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