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toki (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2007 at 7:44am
Current mood: exanimate
So. I haven't updated this in basically forever. Which means that at 7:45am when I'm supposed to be getting ready for school is the perfect time to do so.

I've been exhausted for the past three weeks. No amount of sleep is really helping either. Last week I got like...10 hours? of sleep. Still exhausted. Only three days of school left though....ashdljasfhjkdssf. Which I honestly am kind of not excited about. I'm glad the work will be gone, but now the only people I'll have to talk to during the day will be me. Ryan is at school everyday until 5 and I work everyday except Monday and Wednesday at 6. Meaning I'm going to see even less of him than when I was just in school.

Another huge source of frustration is Harry Potter. Sounds dumb, I know. But I have these traditions, yeah? And I look forward to these things all year only to have to miss the midnight showing and go to the book release in whatever bumblefuck town we're in the night it comes out. I really want to go to OBX, but I want to go the VH midnight book party with my friends. And I want to see Harry Potter tonight. And I hate responsibilities. I hate growing up and not being able to have my life revolve around Harry Potter anymore.

:-( And I have to go back to work tonight. After a week off. I hate work. I hate commuting. I hate serving. I hate people thinking I can't think for myself. Because, apparently, I need to be told every ten seconds what I need to do by someone who has served a total of zero times. Because they are the "brain" and I am the "hands". I don't need to think, really. How awesome is that? Finally a job where people realize how much of an idiot I really am!!! I'm just so bored with it. Any chance they give me to do another position for a second I grab. But for some reason they think the only thing I can do well is have other people think for me and to pick up other people's garbage. I want a quiet job. In a bookstore or library or something. I hate having a job. It's lame and stupid and gsadkncmcxvdsflkd.

Oh and I have to finish my book tonight. On top of work and missing Harry Potter. Oh man, I'm a huge mess today. I ruined two of my prints last night when I was cutting them down. And I realized I didn't have enough paper. I know. I'm a fucking genius. Yeah. My book isn't going to be the greatest. Which sucks. I really wanted this to look good.

Oh, and my apartment is a total fucking mess. Complete. And I have to time to clean it. Or any desire to really. But it's frustrating me how dirty it is. It annoys the hell out of me, but I don't feel like changing it. See? I'm nuts.

Ok...time to get clothes on and go to class....asfjklsdfkero. Wish me luck. Hopefully I finish my final for digital today. :-p
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