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box (profile) wrote,
on 7-18-2007 at 2:49pm
I would really like to have another party like this

"So the party was pretty bad ass if i do say so myself..

Quite a few people showed up..

Aj, Brenton, Jay and I started playing hack in the barn and all of the sudden the whole party migrated into the barn.. It was pretty cool actually..

Things kept pretty civil till the end up the party when rocko started talking shit to aj because we stopped him from trying to mac on my cool-aid, but its alright, ive known him for years since back when my brother was in middle school.. he just had a little too much captain in him...

Other than that it was great.. lots of old friends, had some good times... shared some good stories and some jokes.. and passed around the liquor.. We had more beer than the nearest bar packed in the fridge and sitting by us in the garage.. 2-30 packs, a 24 pack, 2- fifths, and a half gallon of SoCo.. So there was plenty to go around..

Thanks everyone for showing.. now for the credits..


Party preperation - Box + AJ
Director - Box
Producer - Box + AJ

Cast And Crew

Box - Box
Aj - Drunk
Gfizzle- David
Beer Guy 1 - Mark
Beer Guy 2 - Steve
Jay - Keepin it real.. Finally got his drivers license..
Brenten - Woodnigger
Mindy - Still sleeping on my couch - drives a saturn
Chel-Unit - Hammered
Bonnie - My Coolaid
Smashly - Not appearing in this party
Erica - always wearing a hoodie... *Shrugs* ive got nuthin
Tony - Showing up late.. only one sober.. other than bonnie
Ramerio - Party Slut.. :P
Rocko - Shortest person there
Keith - Was actually cool for once
Steve - 2 Sheets to the wind
Tanya - Not far behind him
Un-named girl with steve and tanya... - Getting mac'd on by ramerio
Kristin - Drank herself retarded...
Chuck Norris - Walker Texas Ranger
KLQ - Playing a badass lineup

DJ - Yours Truly
Crowd Control - Aj, David, and a Winchester Model 120- 12 Gauge
Cleanup Crew - Whoever is still sleeping in my living room

Beer - Bud light, Miller Light, Busch
Liquor - Captain Morgan, Souther Comfort, Absolute Vodka
Bathroom Reading material - Latest Issue of Summit Magazine"

Yea.. those were good times i tell ya'
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