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moondogg33333 (profile) wrote,
on 7-21-2007 at 1:06am
ok i'm goin tot try to keep shit short if i can..As of right now its 1:07 and im sleepy as hell.I went to the fair and to Isu all in one day.I went to Isu with Mark it was his 1st gime goin down there.I really dont know what he thinks about it,only time will tell.We took some stupid ass tour.I did not really mind it much,but it was really lame on the fact i knew everything from my dad.My dad went to Isu in the 60"s man.Crazy I know.I'm tryin to get it set in my head that i wont beliving at home,But knowing me ill just hit the ground running and just never really think about it.It is kind of a big deal and then again its not.I see it as half half.Its more a cetch 22 in some ways.Shit has to be done though and thats just what im going to do.Isu has some of the biggest hornets i have ever fuck seen.THey are as big as my pinky finger.For thouse of you that know me my pinky is very big.MMMMM~Im trying to get Mark to be my roomate,He would have been if my computer would not have cut off the 7 in his number when i sent in the form.I talked to my roomate and he seemed like an ok guy its just A there will be no beer or shit in my room and B i dont really see women as a play thing for me.When i get to isu Yes im looking for sex but in the long run kind of way I want a long lasting relationship.I just dont want to hit it and quit it. or use anyone..I went to the fair today and got bored and left..I was just supper sleepy from the lack of sleep i have been getting..I have been having to wake up super crack ass early for random shit.I'm goin to enjoy sleeping in tonight.speeking off goodnight.ill post more tomorrow
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