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pjlmaster (profile) wrote,
on 7-29-2007 at 12:58am
things are still goin shitty, i havent heard from my counselor to get back into school for two weeks or so now, but they sent me some letter saying i didnt meet their qualifications, however seeing as how i didnt apply yet i was kinda wonderin what the hell that was about. to make matters worse, my car is starting to act like dog shit (transmission or electrical problems it seems like) neither of the really good leads i had on jobs have called me back yet either.

i did go climb the devil's soup bowls the other night though, then rode my bike about 7-8 miles yesterday, and then another 3 today in <20 min.

i have a 360 now too, so thats cool, its the first microsoft product i dont hate.
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