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aaron (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2007 at 10:47pm
Subject: Contact
I'm so tired of being jocular about these sort of things.

Hanging out with Michael too much made me insecure in my solemnity. I need to do a little less leaching, no?

It's just as well. I'm making progress.

I've had a couple small breakthroughs lately, and then today I had my biggest one. I almost called Roberts and told him, but then it solidified itself by preventing me from doing so. A shimmering thread in my mind, victorious and alone. It's loneliness does nothing but cause it to shine all the brighter. A proud entity, the fruit of my labor. It's an amazing sensation. This must be what it's like to be raised from the dead. Feeling life trickle back into your being. And it's still there. It will always be there, the first real permanent structure in my being.
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